Lights, Camera, Action!

I came, I saw, I conquered…in Swimwear and Fitness that is! I’m very proud and excited to share with you I won “Best in Swimwear and Fitness” at Miss California Latina! As you know, I competed this past weekend and boy oh boy, did I have an experience of a lifetime! Below is a quick overview of all three days at Miss California Latina in Pasadena, California.

Day 1
We began our journey to the pageant around 4:30am from the Central Valley and eventually we arrived to the hotel where girls filled the hallways with luggages, evening gown dress covers and curlers set in their hair. We checked in where I received my Opening Number dress, shoes, jewelry and two piece bikini. Luckily during our fittings, I ran into a friend I had met through social media knowing we would be seeing one another at the pageant where she introduced me to other girls she met earlier in the day. I then said my goodbyes to my family and pageant weekend had officially began. For the majority of the day, we practiced our dance routines, took group photos and settled ourselves into our hotel rooms. In the evening, we attended our Purple Media Carpet event where we introduced ourselves to guests and took media pictures.

Day 2
Our Saturday began around 7am where we continued our dance rehearsals and patiently waited for our one on one interviews that took up the majority of the day. We also took our bikini group photos and ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.

Day 3
On our last day, we ran through the entire show multiple times and set up and finalized our beauty stations to get ready for the show. We didn’t have much time to relax since we were definitely on the go since 6am with about five hours of sleep.

Finally, it was 6pm and the Miss California Latina show was ready to begin. With girls running like crazy all around backstage, woman parts hanging out and all, it definitely was a fun chaotic environment since there was only about three minutes in between outfit changes. Eventually the show came to an end and once I was awarded with my certificate, I knew in my heart that all this work paid off and I was leaving home as a winner. After taking pictures and changing into comfortable clothes and much needed flats for my swollen and blistered feet from wearing heels all weekend long, my family and I headed back to home sweet home but not before making a pit stop at no other than…McDonalds!

To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ll ever do another pageant again but signing up for Miss California Latina has given me a whole new perspective on pageants and what it means to be a supportive and an encouraging woman. Some of the girls I met (who had past titles and pageant knowledge under their belts) genuinely cared about everyone’s success and future goals just as much as their own and it was amazing to know I had support from girls I had met just a few days prior. I am so thankful to everyone who has cheered me on throughout this year and I am glad I am coming home with an award and new friendships. I have had an amazing year as Miss San Jose Latina and I am definitely looking forward to the new and unexpected opportunities that are coming my way.

Now, I’d like to take a moment and also thank all of my blog followers and everyone else who has stopped by and visited. I am very thankful you all took the time to read my posts giving me the energy to continue my writing posts. I hope you enjoyed reading some of my pageant experiences and I look forward to having you join me on my next blog adventure, The Kassie Khronicles*. Thank you again and I sincerely appreciate you all and your words of encouragement.


Kassie P.

*Once my blog is up and running, I will hyperlink The Kassie Khronicles so that you may find me and join me.

PS- Please feel free to see pictures from the pageant under my “Photos” page. Also, I was featured in another article where you can read more about me under my “Press” page.


Makin’ Headlines!

After watching Zak carelessly tossing a beautiful ring out of the limo’s window on last night’s “Bachelorette” episode, my phone binged notifying me I had just received an email. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to it simply because I was comfortably snuggled in my cranberry colored fuzzy blanket being a couch potato. Eventually, I gained enough strength to reach a long stretch of a foot and grab my phone off of the coffee table. Suddenly, as if a firecracker were lit underneath of me, I jumped off of the couch within a nano second excitedly began screaming, “Omg, Omg!…*pause*….Omg, Omg!” My older sister who had been immersed in her books studying for a law exam quickly looked up and kept asking what was happening. After saying “Omg!” and pacing up and down the hallway like a mad woman for about 100 times, I finally let out the great news. had chosen this very blog to be showcased on its homepage! The email was the notification that my blog was officially added to the worldwide directory featuring Latina bloggers. All that kept running through my head was how thankful I was knowing this opportunity was going to take my blog to the next level.

Since the creation of this blog, I had already been promoting it on the regular basis but now that I was inducted to be featured on the homepage of an international website, I knew traffic would rise…and that’s exactly what has already happened. Not even 24 hours have passed since the email of my accomplishment and my stats have already broken personal records! Though this blog is dedicated solely for my pageant experience, I do truly enjoy writing (and hope to make part of my future career) so I am thrilled my writings will now be accessible to thousands of other women worldwide. 

I’d like to thank the founder of, Monique Frausto, who created such a website dedicated to and for Latinas who have a voice and are committed to making the world a better place, one blog post at a time.


Kassie P.

Prom Night Strikes Again

Today I came to visit my parents house for a delicious home cooked meal… and quality time of course! While patiently waiting for dinner to be finished, I decided to try on my formal evening gown aka my high school prom dress. Yes, that’s right, I will be wearing my high school prom dress to the pageant! After all, it’s gorgeous, worn only one time* but more importantly, it still fits. When I first applied to enter Miss California Latina, I knew right away that my prom dress was going to be my go-to dress for the evening wear. The beaded jade hue, floor length dress, from Trudy’s Bridal in Campbell, Calif., was a hit on prom night so I figured wearing the dress again would give me that extra boost of “high school giddiness” and excitement.

For years, the delicate dress had been stored away in extra closet space at my parents house so I was pretty nervous to take it out of its cover slip to see how it has held up over the seasons. Carefully pulling the cover slip over the hanger, I was thrilled to see that no major wears and tears had taken place with the exception of a few beads that have gone M.I.A. Easing my way into the dress, I took a step back to take a look into the mirror and couldn’t believe I was instantly transported back to the year 2007. At that moment I felt a joy within me knowing that no matter what happens on the third and final day of competition, I’d be standing up on the stage in my beautiful gown feeling confident and amazing.

*Though I have only worn the dress once, the dress has actually been worn twice (as it was also my older sister’s prom dress). I fell in love with it when she wore it that I decided to wear it to my own prom. We both had amazing times at our events and now that I’ll be wearing it again, hopefully it will bring me that extra touch of luck. After all, they say third times a charm!


Kassie P.

You’ve Got Mail

I am so happy to announce my photos have officially arrived! Yesterday morning, I received a text message from my photographer, Sergio Estrada, letting me know he would send me a link to view all of my photos by the mid evening. All day, as you could imagine, I was wanting the day to go by faster hoping to view my photos. After about 1 million phone checks with no new email notification, I finally got an email alert. I quickly opened up the link and I was so happy to see how amazing all of the photos came out! Though I had been a bit nervous over the week over how the pictures would come out, I must say I am very pleased with the results. Now that pictures are taken care of and out of the way, I will have to select the final photo to submit. The head shot will be put into the national pageant book and also be posted on Miss California Latina’s website. I’ve posted a few of the shots under the “Photos” page so feel free to go check them out!

Thank you to Estrada Photography for arranging a reasonable price, thank you to Mexico Lindo Restaurant for paying for the photo shoot and finally, a big thank you to Dry Bar-Santana Row for sponsoring my hair!

Kassie P.