Bling Bling!

My mom and I headed out to the mall on Monday with a glitter vision in mind. We were determined to find the most sparkly and “blinged out” pair of earrings I would soon wear with my evening gown. As mentioned in a previous post, I’m wearing my prom dress and if you were to look up the definition of glitter or sequins, my dress would probably be pictured. In 2007, I wore plain earring studs not to take away from the dress but pageants as we all know, is a whole another ball game. Hopping from one store to another, we finally came across to the most perfect, shiny gold embellished earrings. Not only was the price more than reasonable but the earrings are something I’d definitely be able to wear again long after the pageant is over.

Since luck was on our behalf, we had extra time to look around for other pageant odds and ends. After visiting a few shoe stores with no success in correct sizes or styles for my evening gown and interview outfit, we decided to go into one last store before calling it quits. Finally, under the dim lights on the shelf there they were: gold platform high heels alongside black suede professional-sized heels. I immediately asked to try on both pairs and I was so excited when the saleswoman came out with two boxes. More importantly however, when I opened the boxes, the shoes had never been tried on before as they were both neatly wrapped in plastic, untouched. As I unwrapped the fresh shoes, I carefully slipped my feet in and… Alacazam! They fit so perfectly and were so comfortable to walk in as if the manufacture said, “Here, these are made especially for you.”

Originally, I had planned to try on all of my new items together but that was before my stomach had other plans of its own. On our way home, we stopped by Target to purchase our final family dinner desserts as the last hoo-rah since pageant bikini body mode is officially now on FULL GEAR. I grazed on warm baked cookies, ice cream and hot chocolate fudge for more than I should have and before I knew it, I spent the remainder of the night in the restroom, detoxing my sugar rush one flush at a time.

Kassie P.

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