Code Red: Stage Mom

When I decided to enter myself in the Miss California Latina pageant, I didn’t tell anyone, including my family. No one had ever participated in an event like this so I knew telling them would be somewhat of a shocker but I knew my family would support my decision. When I came to visit my parents house later that week, I made an announcement during dinner of my latest news. My parents laughed in amusement but started asking questions right away of what the process consisted of and how I even came across pageants in the first place. After explaining all of the nitty gritty, I showed my parents what my next steps were in finding sponsors and how I’d make this pageant affordable. My parents showered me with their support and now we had officially become a “pageant family.” My mom has since begun to send me links,articles and ideas that revolve around pageants, that are allowing me to get more insight of the unknown. Together, my mom and I have created two binders full of Miss California Latina documents and have even made a calendar of “to-do” items with each month that passes in preparation for the big weekend. My mom has been such a big help and I’ve enjoyed brainstorming and bouncing off ideas back and forth of what the pageant will be like. Though talking about dress alterations and events to make appearances at are some of the exciting details about the pageant, I am thankful my mom continues to remind me I must hang onto my true values and beliefs throughout this experience. We know as a family that Miss California Latina may open golden doors of opportunities for me but I am thankful my mom is constantly reminding me to keep grounded. Though the pageant lifestyle is new to our family, one thing that is not new is the encouragement and love my mom sends out with whatever her children decide to do in life. Happy Mother’s Day to the best stage mom I could have ever asked for!

Kassie P.

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  1. Anonymous
    Nov 25, 2013 @ 03:30:13

    I enjoy your piece of work, thankyou for all the informative blog posts.


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