New Month, New Ideas

To kick off the new month of May (which also means one month that much closer to the pageant) I decided it would be very crucial for me to get out in the community and get more exposure and support! Typing “Latino-related events” in Google’s search engine, I luckily came across many upcoming amazing festivals and events celebrating the Latin culture that the great city of San Jose is offering. I quickly pulled out my 8 x 10 pink 2013 monthly calendar (that goes everywhere with me) out of my purse and grabbed some lime green post-its to start jotting down the names of the events, locations, and times. Thankfully and according to my calendar, all of the events mentioned on the internet (except for four) did not interfere with any prior engagements. By the end of my internet research, I had filled three post-it stickies full of events I could make appearances at and attend.

Though as you know from past posts I have never participated in pageant-like events, I want to make this experience the best it can be and take advantage of all of the opportunities I will have this year. I’m very excited to get out in the community and promote Miss San Jose Latina with grace and class.


Kassie P.

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